Stirring Serpent Depths

"Stirring Serpent Depths"
“Stirring Serpent Depths”

Stirring in the depths…  Escape, cold blue land of fear…  Will at last, appear…

How this piece was created: Squirt on some blue, streak it around, put on some yellow, and a bit of white. Take a knife and go crazy. Have a person pour water from a tea kettle on it. Smear it all up and around, taking care to blend the colors in a proper manner. Don’t know what you’re doing until the canvas is 3/4 covered. Shapes emerge, ideas spark; build off that, until you have something that looks like something. Dramatically place a figure for focus, a mysterious creature for story; all the while placing yourself in this created world of color…

Original – Acrylic – Canvas – Unframed(16″x20″) – SOLD


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