Weekly Writing Challenge: Multimedia Storytelling: “Adventure, or only Imagination”

Now. Today, tonight…

If there was another place, somewhere, if there was…

Where I would have more than only dreams,

More than only words, more where there was less living in only my imagination,

Not only my imagination

These stories take me to another place,

I am stupid, I hide in them, don’t dare to face…

I’m comforted by these stories of adventure,

(though I know they won’t come to pass my real life)

Because they take me to another world,

…away, from senseless grief, and strife.

I’ve heard a memory…

It comes about, from time to time,

Always in front of me…

Darnedest thing to catch, but it’s mine…    …it’s mine.

It reminds me, I’ve seen something better,

I’ve seen a greatness, not just words on a letter.

But where am I now?

What am I to be?

I’ve questioned and questioned,

But only fade, in, out, to see

I pick up my pencil,

I search my dreams to lose myself away,

Life and the world inspire me still,

Catch me again in the breeze in which I sway.

I fail to move forward, fail to let go,

I think within my paintings the last of my soul will flow…

Just a step away, one step I have that way,

To turn, look forward, one step is all to pay…

Until that day,

… until that day…

until I choose, to live that day…

what is here right now,

is life, today.

Weekly Writing Challenge: Multimedia Storytelling


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