Conceptual Art: strange twig art

strange twig art - sort of wagon thing
strange twig art

Branch, after storm,
found, then broken, into small little pieces…
Carried, kept – intrigued – to play,
so easily move, manipulate, pleasurable shapes, archaic even…
The dominant will stay and be kept, if only in a journal, to be rebuilt again.

other thoughts:
I had a dream, afterward – it involved Picaso. He was there, with his art, in some marketplace, carrying Les Demoiselles d’ Avignon, along with his initial rough sketches and ideas from which he developed his great art piece; and his rough, simple art was rough, and simple… And then my dream moved to Paul Klee’s stick people, and I saw greatness and potential rising from the rough, and simple.

the stick man
the stick man

first created: 07/19/15
drawn: 07/19/15
first reassembled: 07/20/15
written: 07/20/15
title: Strange Twig Art


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