This World Has Trees

0117.palm tree
a tree; just a crayon drawing

The importance of a drawing – Story:

The world as we know it is gone. The world is now completely covered in water. All our cities have been lost to the past. Civilization is in ruins, scattered about, all people vagabonds, slaves, or bandits – all the luxuries we once knew are now relics, collecting dust, misused, broken, unknown. The trees are all gone, the land is all gone, ages ago. Yet, a child says that she remembers trees, and she draws a tree on a piece of old wrinkled paper, with a couple of relic wax crayons. Somebody takes the drawing from her, scolding her for using the wax crayons and paper that were his. He doesn’t see it now, but the child’s drawing resembles the photo on the cover of an ancient worn magazine that he had aquired years earlier, which he now kept in a safe with his other rare ‘paper’ finds.

He picks up the drawing, from floating in the hull of the now sinking boat that was his home. He sees a connection. Excitedly rumaging through his safe, he pulls out the old crumbling magazine, and brings the two to a shaft of light coming through a hole in his boat. Comparing the drawing with the photo, he wonders, if the child’s drawing is enough for him to believe there is still land, still trees, in this water-world. If it is enough, for him to take the journey, and search.


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