0036.self portrait.09.22.15

The whole process, the whole experience in general, is important. You can feel it. It’s not the specific little things you do or read, but again, it is the journey. The journey, not the destinations. It is in the doing of it. There is no win, but the more, the better. The more connected you will become, and therefore, the more successful. “Successful artist” is not an endgame, a win – it is a progression, a scale, a statement of how successful an artist you are. It is not a label or a title, but a gauge. An endeavor. An ambition. And it is a slow and caring process, that you cannot rush.

Knowing what to share, and what not… My real words come under this question, this doubt. If I polish the real words, for sharing them, then they are not real anymore, they become something else. I can’t change them, I can’t “fix” them up. I am what I am, I learn what I learn and see what I see. I am mistaken, and I know nothing, yet, I share… I share my faults and mistakes. Is this right, or wrong? Perhaps neither – perhaps it just is. Perhaps what just “is” is how it is, and the question has no place, no footing, perhaps there is no question.

And so, let me timidly walk into this path, let me see what I can see in this world.


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