Entrance; Contest.

0150.dino heads.11.16.15Connection:
To join in, to be part of. Leads to the expansion of possibilities.

0151.dinos and companions.11.16.15Contest:
Competition. Public gathering of perspectives, ideas, and ambition. A means of connection. A prompt.

More than one single – a cure for the loneliness, a form of connection. Intrigue in abundance;  a relief from the limitations you face as one.

What is put across as perspective or intent, in relation to others’ perceptions.

0153.companionship2And then of course, there is taste. And what is taste but a muse, something to guide us, something to tell us what is ‘good’  so that we may pursue SOME direction and avoid the insanity of not knowing what to do at all.

And that is all… something to ponder on as you participate in the contest.

The Good Dinosaur  -Pixar/DeviantArt contest


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