The art market is here, there are no worries my friend! I carry my bazaar on my back, now; I no longer have to walk to it each time. I don’t know quite how to say it, but I hide behind the facade anyway, ha! A good artist has a good facade. I’m not trying to tell you anything real, I am only painting a picture in all its fantasy, for that is what art is, and we can only hope that it leads us to truth. The post-writer cannot speak for the future, and does not have to plan any destination. No, the journey is taken one step at a time, and is best taken while following the heart in the moment. “But what about your goals, man”?!! ..They are so inconsequential to the beauty that comes from following the journey; the post-writer could have written anything, ahhh, yes, could have written anything, yet only what he could reach from each preceding word, from each preceding moment.


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