Geometric Art

Pursue, pursue… pursuit. Strive, run – no – no rush, no destination. Climbing a mountain today, last night, watching the moon, but not, because all I had was my light bulb on my desk. Slumber. As I shake loose the bonds on my soul, my freedom exasperatingly bursts out in an expanding swirl. One more piece finished, one more piece of art. The finishing touches! Hahaha… I started this piece a month ago, and had all but a few blank spaces left… though my energy dissipated, my motivation squandered, inspiration dejected.

Two times now, bursting with declaration to overhaul my perception and resolve.

Just another journal entry, that may fade, may disappear. Why my desire to preserve my thoughts and ramblings? What good are they to me, or to anybody? Well, perhaps worth something, perhaps not, but in the moment, the worth is clear. Creation, cycling, moving… moving with the world, churning naturally in the ocean of waves. I grow, I grow. What is saved, what is not, who knows. I suppose it’s all very complicated, collectively appearing to us as ‘chance’, and well, why not, since we are not yet masters of the waves. We only swim as we can; but oh, how¬†adventurous a swim it is!


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