Greetings 009


Thank you for stopping by, to dig a little bit deeper into that which is Sterling… I suppose you want to see some art, or some crazy art-thing I’ve created, or perhaps just something impactful. But, I have none of this to show you, well, because I have none of it. … Hmmm, this is awkward…

Well, good day to y-

… – wait, I can’t let you go yet – I was supposed to catch you, reel you in, lure you in to that which is Sterling! Wait wait, let me think… I should have something here… digs around desk and drawers, desperately searching for something shiny or bouncy to show

Alas, I can’t find anything. What of the future, what about where we are going? No, I’m not straying down that path, no no. No thinking about the future, not for me, thank you; I’m far to partial to my freedom. I suppose that will be all for now. Good day to you!

(If you were looking for art, all I can do is tell you that I am a self-proclaimed artist, that I am fickle towards commitment, an opposer of words and writing, and.. AHHH NOODLES, here is a piece of art!

But wait, there still is no art. HOW!? Yes, I know, how is that possible. How could I not have art to show. The thing is, I do. I have art. Piles of art, mountains of art, just, lots of piles of art. I even have photos of my art. Why do I withhold, then? For this, let me tell you a story.

has stage frightmakes a weak attempt at following through with said story … Well, erm, once upon a time- no, that’s not right, erm…

Okay, well, the gist of it is, that:


You see!? You see that? This is what happens when I go ahead and plop an image into a post. Just, what the NOODLES is that? Ah, no, … no.. ugh.. it looks so bad. So bad. I’m sorry, I really didn’t want to subject you to this. I tried to tell you. Oh boy, what am I even doing. Why did I put that picture up there. … well, it was the first image in my content folder. I did kind of just say, “why not?”. I didn’t really put much thought into the choice – actually, I knew it would probably turn out bad.

But no, I won’t be put down. No no. Again, where are we going? I’m not quite sure – but I will create a great art post, yet! I WILLLLLllllllllllll…….

oh yeah, p.s. I am working on a new website/portfolio, with Squarespace – that will be coming up. (that ought to be a real piece of work) Hahaha…

Thank you for visiting. I promise to become a better artist, and a better poster. And better story teller. And better collaborator. That will be all for today, Good Day To You!



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