Weekly Writing Challenge: Multimedia Storytelling: “Adventure, or only Imagination”

Now. Today, tonight… If there was another place, somewhere, if there was… Where I would have more than only dreams, More than only words, more where there was less living in only my imagination, Not only my imagination… Advertisements

Stirring Serpent Depths

"Stirring Serpent Depths"
“Stirring Serpent Depths”

Stirring in the depths…  Escape, cold blue land of fear…  Will at last, appear…

How this piece was created: Squirt on some blue, streak it around, put on some yellow, and a bit of white. Take a knife and go crazy. Have a person pour water from a tea kettle on it. Smear it all up and around, taking care to blend the colors in a proper manner. Don’t know what you’re doing until the canvas is 3/4 covered. Shapes emerge, ideas spark; build off that, until you have something that looks like something. Dramatically place a figure for focus, a mysterious creature for story; all the while placing yourself in this created world of color…

Original – Acrylic – Canvas – Unframed(16″x20″) – SOLD