How to be curious

It starts out as curiosity. Then you share it, and it turns you to a more goal or destination based direction, questioning value and purpose, taking away an amount of freedom from your perspective. When this leads you to uncertainty and stagnation, let curiosity take over once again, so that you may move.

The art of the journey, and not the art of reaching a destination. To want the specific is grounds for questing a destination. To want the unspecific is to be open, and is grounds for creating your self-guided path, questing for the sake of the journey, and it’s unrestricted and limitless possibilities.


Crayon Drawings!

Crayon drawings. 09.21.15 inspired by a book illustration To be able to create, freely, how I want, what I want. To explore what it means to be an artist, to not hold back. What is the point of being an artist if you cannot have that freedom? I release myself from the expectations that would… Continue reading Crayon Drawings!