White Trees

"White Trees"
“White Trees”

How this piece was created: It started as a sketch, as a study on how colors compliment each other. I had something particular in mind, and I wanted to test it out to find an answer. I then used acrylic on canvas, but it was definitely not turning out how I planned, and it went through many changes and additions until it was something else entirely. Finally, I took pictures and brought it onto the computer, where I intended on changing color and contrast, which drastically altered the image even more.

Original – Acrylic – Canvas – unframed(24″x12″) – Unavailable

Weekly Writing Challenge: Multimedia Storytelling: “Adventure, or only Imagination”

Now. Today, tonight… If there was another place, somewhere, if there was… Where I would have more than only dreams, More than only words, more where there was less living in only my imagination, Not only my imagination…